Magnitude Creative is a Professional Recording Studio/Entertainment Design company located at the former Brickhouse Studios Recording Facility in Wichita, KS. It is 2 minutes East of downtown ICT.

It is a 1600 square foot world class recording facility, with top notch, industry standard gear and tons of vibe. There is a large 20' x 16' Control Room, 20' x 18' Live room and three 8' x 8' triangular isolation rooms, with an additional 26’ x 12’ live room. Magnitude Creative is one of the only studios in the greater Wichita area with a beautiful, Vintage Yamaha G3 Baby Grand Piano within the walls of it's facility. The control room is centered around a 40 channel Pro Tools HD D-Command console.    

The main focus at Magnitude is simple; huge, quality recordings with artistic/musical integrity and visually stimulating graphics.


Recording. Mixing. Mastering. Design.